General Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create an account?
To create an account, simply click “Start Here”. Enter the required information and click the “Save” button. When your information is saved, your rewards account will be created and you will be welcomed into the rewards site.
2. Do I need an email address for an account?
Yes, you must have an email address to create an account.
3. I am trying to create a New Account and it keeps telling me that my email address already exists and I need to use another email address. This is the only email address I have. What should I do? If you receive a message that your email address already exists, this indicates that you have already created a rewards account on a previous date and you will not need to create another one. You will want to sign in to the account you have already created. To sign in, click the “Sign In” button. Enter your email address and password where prompted, then click “Sign In.” 
4. What should I do if I forgot my password?
Simply click the “Sign In” button and enter your email address after “Forgot your Password?” Click “Request Password” and a new password will be emailed to you to use to sign in. 
5. How do I earn points?
Eligible accounts will earn points when using your debit card for both in-store and online purchases.  You will receive 1 point for every 100 dollars you spend, regardless of whether you are swiping as a debit option or a credit option. In addition, some account holders may receive mailers periodically, offering 100 bonus points for using you debit card 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 times in one month. To maximize the number of points you will earn, be sure use your debit card instead of check, cash or credit card.
Eligible accounts can earn additional points through our 50 for 40 program.  When you swipe your card 40 times or more in a month, you will receive an additional 50% more points for that month based on the amount of points you earned. For example, if your swipes earned you 10 points, and you swiped more than 40 times, you will receive an additional 5 points that month for a total of 15 points.
You can earn extra points by using the BancFirst Rewards online eMerchant link when shopping online!   Go to the rewards website and click “Shop Online”.  By making purchases online through the links provided on the rewards website, you will earn the number of points indicated by each merchant.  Your points will be emailed to the email address stored in your account information approximately 45 days after the end of the month of purchase.
6. How do I receive my points?
There are two options for receiving points: 
For customers who have not created a rewards account at the BancFirst Rewards website, points will be mailed on a quarterly basis. Certificates are tri-folded pieces of mail. The certificate contains the points you earned for purchases you made in the previous three months.
For customers who have created a rewards account at the BancFirst Rewards website and entered their checking account and 5 digit zip code in their account information, points will be added automatically to your rewards account. 
7. How do I enter a certificate that I have received in the mail?
Sign in to your rewards account and click “Rewards” and “Certificate.” Enter your certificate number and click Enter. 
8. I am trying to enter a certificate and it is telling me it is Invalid, or “Not Found in the System”.   What does this mean?
If you are receiving an error message, this indicates there is a typo somewhere in a certificate number you have entered that is still showing on the screen. As noted, certificates only use the numbers 0 through 9 and lower case letters a, b, c, d, e and f. If you need further assistance verifying your certificate number, please call the BancFirst Rewards customer service department.
9. I entered a certificate and it says it has “Already Been Claimed”. What does this mean?
This means that the certificate has been added to a rewards account already. Click “Rewards” then “Certificates.” At the bottom of the page you will see “Balance Details/History,”  you should find the certificate number there. If you do not see it listed, it may have been added to another rewards account already. Please contact our BancFirst Rewards Customer Service department for further assistance.
10. How do I see the points that have been added to my rewards account?
When you sign in to the system, you will see the word “Welcome” and your current point balance.
11. Do points expire?
The expiration date for your points is noted on each certificate and under the “Expiration Date” column when you view “Balance Details/History” in your rewards account. Points will be invalid at 12AM on that date, and cannot be redeemed for a reward. Their value will become 0.
12. What if I lose or misplace my certificate?
Unfortunately, we have no way of tracing your certificate number once it has been issued to you, so we cannot replace lost or stolen certificates. We do apologize for any inconvenience. We suggest you add the automatic deposit of points to your rewards account if you have not already done so. Or if you are receiving certificates in the mail, we suggest you enter your certificate number into your online rewards account immediately upon receipt. Once the points are deposited into your online rewards account, feel free to discard your paper certificate. 
13. How do I redeem points for a reward?
You can redeem rewards by clicking on the “Rewards” button. Search for products by category, number of points, or by keyword. Simply click on the reward you wish to order and click “Order.” Verify the shipping information and click the Submit button. Then, confirm your order. Most gifts are shipped to arrive within 3 weeks.
14. Can I send my reward to someone else?
Yes, simply enter a different address in the shipping information and your reward will be shipped to someone else.
15. Do you ship to PO Boxes?
Yes, many of our rewards can be shipped to PO Box addresses. However, if you select a reward that is shipped via FedEx Ground you will be prompted to enter a physical address for delivery, as FedEx does not deliver to PO Box addresses.  
16. How do I contact customer service?
Click "Contact Us" for our email address and phone number.
17. Why is my online banking login not working on this site?
Your online banking website is a separate website from the rewards website, and your user name and password for this site are not the same as your login and password for your financial institution’s online banking system.
18. My family has certificates from several different accounts. Can we combine them all together into one rewards account? Or do we have to have our own individual reward accounts? 
We allow certificates from multiple accounts and multiple account holders to be deposited into a single rewards account so you can redeem for a gift faster (in other words, you can “pool” certificates in our program). Just add any certificates you would like to one rewards account and save them.  
19. Can we add multiple account numbers to our rewards site Account Information profile so that points from several different accounts are deposited automatically instead of being mailed? 
Yes, you may enter up to 5 different account numbers and link them to one online rewards account. They do not have to have the same account holder names on them. When you are signed in to your rewards account, click “My Account” to access the eDeposit feature.
20. What if I need to remove one of the accounts that I’ve linked to my rewards account due to an account closing or perhaps that person no longer wants to share points? Can accounts be removed?
Yes, you may add, update or remove linked accounts at any time by signing in to your online rewards account and clicking “My Account”, then “Click to view your eDeposit feature.” Scroll down to the area where your account numbers and zip codes are saved, and click “Remove” after the account number and zip code you would like removed. Enter the Security String and click “Save.”
21. What if I open another account at my financial institution at a later date, can I add that account at a later time so those points will be deposited automatically?
Yes, you can add an account at any time by signing in to your online rewards account and clicking “My Account” to access the eDeposit feature. Once an account has been opened for at least 30 days it may be added to the site. Also, whenever you enter a paper certificate into your rewards account, you will be reminded that you may link your accounts to your rewards account.  
22. Will I receive any notification letting me know that new points have been added? 
No, your points will be deposited automatically into your account. You can view your total by signing in to your account. 
23. I have never had to enter my account number online before, will my information be safe?

Yes, when you link your accounts to your rewards account, you will notice some security features in place that must be completed for your information to be accepted. We also have several internal features in place to safeguard the security of your account information. 

Electronic Gift Card Questions

1. What is the difference between e-gift cards and regular gift cards?
E-gift cards are sent to you digitally in your rewards account, so that you may access them immediately after you have placed your order. Standard gift cards are mailed, and will ship from our warehouse within 5 business days after your order is placed. Delivery time subject to US Postal Service delivery process.

2. I placed my order, but did not receive the link for my selection. What should I do?
First, check your Junk Mail and/or Spam file for the email. If you do not see it in either or those areas, please call or email our customer service department.

3. Am I limited to how I use my e-gift card?

Redemption options vary by retailer. Depending on the e-gift card, they can be used in-store, online, via catalog or any combination of those. Please visit the retailer's online website for specific gift card terms and conditions.

4. Can I redeem my e-gift card in a store using a mobile device?
Redemption options vary by retailer. Please visit the retailer's online website for specific gift card terms and conditions.

5. How can I check the e-gift Card balance?
Check the terms and conditions on your e-gift Card for specific information on how to check a specific e-gift card balance.

6. Do I have to use the balance all at once? Or can I make multiple purchases at different times?
No, you may continue to use your e-gift card until the balance is zero. With some e-gift card codes, when you re-visit the retailer website after a purchase, you may see an updated balance for the new value of the e-gift card code. This may vary by brand.

7. Will my e-gift card expire?

Expiration dates may vary by retailer. Please read the terms and conditions for your e-gift card for more information.

8. If I want to print my e-gift card, do I need to use a special printer?
Most standard office and home printers are able to print e-gift cards. Quality of printing may vary by the printer used, however, the most important thing is that the code number below the e-gift card print clearly.

9. Do I need to print the e-gift card in color?
No, the e-gift card does not need to be printed in color.

10. What happens if I lose the e-gift card I printed?
You can always access your e-gift card information by clicking "Order History" when you are signed in to your rewards site and selecting the appropriate gift card in your history.

11. My e-gift card instructions include using a secret code. Where do I find this?
Some e-gift cards require a secret code in order to be accessed. If you were issued a code, it will be found in your e-gift card redemption instructions. You will be prompted to input your secret code when you try to open your e-gift card.

12. What if I lose my secret code?

You can always access your secret code by clicking the "Order History" option and selecting the appropriate gift card in your order history.